Invasion tells of a home invasion during an alien invasion

Independence Day

It was only on Tuesday when word came out that Verve and Industry Entertainment were shopping around a "hot" spec script called INVASION, written by John Swetnam and Harris Wilkinson. The script had a simple but very appealing description, so it's no surprise that it only took two days for it to find a home.

Blumhouse has come out the winner of an auction for INVASION, and the sci-fi thriller story they'll be bringing to the screen with this one revolves around

a home invasion that happens during an alien invasion.

Yep, I was sold on INVASION as soon as I heard that. If I were a decision maker at Blumhouse, I would have snatched it up, too.

The script is also said to mash-up "a ticking clock sci-fi premise with themes that include immigration".

Wilkinson will be executive producing the film while Swetnam produces it with Blumhouse head Jason Blum. Blumhouse's Ryan Turek will co-produce.

INVASION is expected to go into production later this year, so the search will soon be on for a director and the actress who will fill the "strong female role".

Swetnam previously wrote the tornado movie INTO THE STORM, while Wilkinson wrote LEPRECHAUN: ORIGINS.

Extra Tidbit: How does INVASION sound to you?



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