Is Clive Barker thinking of bringing Nightbreed to the small screen?!

You guys are all familiar with Clive Barker's 1990 mutant romp NIGHTBREED, right? Of course you are. Now what if I was to tell you the legendary genre author was toying around with the idea of bringing NIGHTBREED to the small screen? Would that be something you might be interested in?

Of course it would! So that's why I've come here today to pass along some news Barker just dropped in an interview with Clive Barker Revelations. It seems the iconic scribe decided now would be a good time to drop the news. Check it out:

“We are also actively in conversation about doing a Nightbreed television series which will be for cable, so it will have a chance to be as sexy or as graphic in terms of the violence as we need it to be. For example, do you have Spartacus over there? Oh my God, it redefines gruesome... I also applaud them for finally realizing it’s not a bad thing to see a manhood once in a while – it’s not as if half the world doesn’t see it daily…”

"The sensitivity of our culture has sort of caught up with Nightbreed. I don’t wish to be immodest but the general sense is that the movie failed because people didn’t want to associate with the monster and I think our culture has changed – I think our culture is now ready to embrace the ambiguity. You’ve only got to look at Twilight where obviously the monsters are the good guys – I’m not a huge fan but I’m enough of a fan to watch and see monsters being celebrated. There’s something very satisfying about seeing the evolution of the werewolves... With Macy [Barker's dog] being unwell, he likes being with me 24 hours a day. I’m very aware that my love of animals – my love of dogs – is in there being satisfied in those movies - I mean, to be able to run fast and turn into a wolf – wow! Awesome! It really was a dream of my childhood – to have been a dog. It was something I always wanted to do."

So "Nightbreed" would be aimed for cable so it can "be as sexy or as graphic in terms of the violence as we need it to be." Yes! Yes, please?!

What do you guys think? You willing to give a "Nightbreed" TV show a shot? Be sure to spit some bullets below and let us know as we wait for more developments on this news to roll our way. To check out the rest of the interview, where Barker also talks about his being in a coma, head right over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: The great David Cronenberg actually had a role in NIGHTBREED as 'Dr. Decker.'



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