Is Natalie Portman eyeing a role in the Wachowski’s newest project Jupiter Ascending?

Back last October we heard that the filmmakers Wachowski’s were headed to a new and original project called JUPITER ASCENDING after they complete the currently in progress CLOUD ATLAS.

We’ve heard next to nothing since then, however today brings news that apparently Natalie Portman is interested in the project. Now Portman has not actually worked for some time since giving birth last year and if she accepts this would be her return to acting post baby. Portman has a history with the Wachowski’s as she starred in V FOR VENDETTA, which the duo adapted and produced. This news comes from a source that apparently was not authorized to speak publicly about the project, so any comments from Portman’s camp haven’t been made.

JUPITOR ASCENDING will come from Warner Bros. and production is set to begin in the third quarter of next year. The film is a sci-fi project whose plot details has remained a mystery. I assume we shall hear about this casting further, and it could be quite an interesting undertaking for Portman who will be looking to make a come back after this hiatus.

Extra Tidbit: Portman won the Best Actress Oscar last year for her role in BLACK SWAN.
Source: LA Times



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