Is The Gallows 2 now screening for test audiences?

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Does anybody remember THE GALLOWS? The found footage Blumhouse production written and directed by Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing came and went back in the summer of 2015, earning just under $23 million at the domestic box office on its way to a $43 million worldwide total. Those aren't gangbusters numbers... until you take into account that the film was made on a budget of just $100,000. In that case, THE GALLOWS was quite a money maker, possibly successful enough to spawn a sequel.

Last week, we got the cool surprise that Adam Green had shot a new HATCHET film, titled VICTOR CROWLEY, entirely in secret. This week's news that THE GALLOWS 2 might have been made in secret isn't nearly as exciting.

I never watched THE GALLOWS, put off by the lackluster promos, The Arrow's 2/10 review, and just the fact that it was found footage, so I needed a refresher on what it was about it. If you need a refresher as well, here's the synopsis: 

Twenty years after an accident caused the death of the lead actor during a high school play, students at the same small town school resurrect the failed stage production in a misguided attempt to honor the anniversary of the tragedy - but ultimately find out that some things are better left alone. 

The possible existence of THE GALLOWS 2 has been revealed by ticket site 1iota, which lists a "special advance screening" of the secret sequel that they're trying to recruit horror fans in the age range of 13 to 25 to see. It sounds like a test audience situation, and they're not looking for opinions from people as old as I am.

The site even lists a few cast members - Ema Horvath, Brittany Falardeau, Chris Milligan - and a synopsis: 

After aspiring actress Auna Rue transfers to a prestigious new school, her desires are twisted by a viral challenge capable of conjuring a malevolent spirit.

School setting, a character who takes the stage, sure, sounds like it matches up with the first GALLOWS.

According to 1iota, the screening of THE GALLOWS 2 is going to be held in Burbank, California at noon today. If you're in the Burbank area and in the age range they're looking for, maybe you can get the chance to see the movie soon.

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