It's official - Paranormal Activity 5 moves to January 2014

Last night we dropped the news on you that Paramount was looking to move PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 from its originally scheduled October 25th theatrical bow to January of next year. At the time of that report details were fuzzy, but apparently the decision to move the film to a later date was finally made and now Exhibitor Relations has confirmed it with the following tweet:

All four previous films opened in the fall, the last three in October. Along with SAW, the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise is a paragon of the microbudget horror genre, with each film in the series grossing at least $140 million at the box office while costing no more than $5 million to produce. There hasn't been a reason given for the date shift, but January, once a dumping ground for films that studios had little faith in, has been kind to horror lately (both THE DEVIL INSIDE and TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D had successful openings during that month).

We'll keep you posted on news regarding PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 as we hear it.

Extra Tidbit: Do you still care about the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise?



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