It's the Booze Talkin: Friday the 13th Needs to Return for 40th Anniversary

How many of you are looking forward to seeing a brand new HALLOWEEN? For its 40th anniversary, we not only have Jamie Lee Curtis back, but even John Carpenter and Nick Castle are a part of the mix. That’s right! We finally have a brand new Michael Myers flick that most fans are pretty damn excited about. And since it is October, it is the perfect month for our favorite boogeyman to return. And yet, another popular horror villain and his mostly successful franchise has stalled due to a lawsuit between Victor Miller and Sean S. Cunningham. We recently reported that this situation has found a little bit of a closure. However, it's not quite to the point that fans will be cheering for just yet.

Friday the 13th sean s cunningham derek mears remake 2009 horror victor miller it's the booze talkinAs it stands, Victor Miller now owns the rights to everything from the first movie, aside from a scene involving the motorcycle cop - I can’t wait until we get the long awaited “Officer Dorf” spinoff. Apparently there is still a question of how much they can use to make a new movie. This includes adult Jason, the hockey mask, perhaps even Camp Crystal Lake. So what can they do? Well, as reported, Cunningham is already planning for a way to tell a new story that would not go against the current ruling. It’s clear that Mr. Cunningham wants to make a new film desperately. After all, what hardcore F13 fan doesn’t want to see what would basically be FRIDAY THE 13th PART 13 - and yes, even that gets complicated because of the whole issue with New Line taking over and not being able to use "Friday the 13th." Whatever you call it, it would still be the 13th Jason flick and that would be awesome.

friday the 13th victor miller sean s cunningham betsy palmer horror 1980 it's the booze talkin jason voorheesWhen it comes to the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise, I’ve been a fan as long as I can remember. I was on board for the original film when it terrorized my little mind. And frankly, aside from JASON TAKES MANHATTAN, I’ve been a least a little bit of a fan of all the movies in the series on some level. Even in what should have been called JASON TAKES A CRUISE, I will still watch the hell out of that movie. So yes, I want a new film as much as the next guy. As mentioned, the next film would be the 13th! And since the first film came out way back in 1980, we have a pretty special 40th anniversary coming up. Sound familiar? A cool horror series has a 40 year anniversary and makes a much anticipated movie to go with it? Cue John Carpenter’s iconic theme.

Friday the 13th horror kevin bacon sean s cunningham victor miller 1980 jason voorhees it's the booze talkinIf HALLOWEEN can do it, why not FRIDAY THE 13TH? So here is the deal, if Mr. Miller and Mr. Cunningham can try and work together, they could make this movie. While this particular franchise doesn’t have the name power of Jamie Lee Curtis, it certainly has a few survivors that could come back. What’s up with Tommy Jarvis? How about Ginny from Part 2? There has to be some clever writer that can take these elements and make for a glorious return to Camp Crystal Lake. It’s been nearly ten years since the last film, and that was the reboot starring Jared Padalecki, Danielle Panabaker and of course Derek Mears as Jason. And yes, it earned a commendable box office take. And since HALLOWEEN is not following any of the previous films aside from the original, maybe they can explore yet another route. It’s not like the continuity in these flicks made much sense anyways.

friday the 13th jason voorhees sean s cunningham victor miller jason voorhees it's the booze talkinThis is a complicated issue, but it really shouldn’t be. In 2020, we should have a new Friday flick just in time for the 40th anniversary. What always worked for Jason Voorhees and the teen counselors he terrorized was the simplicity of it all. A fun slasher flick with a little T & A and a ton of gore - except for the ones that the MPAA massacred. A new FRIDAY THE 13TH should absolutely happen. Get the right guys in there, have Cunningham and Miller work out some kind of arrangement and make a sequel that is true to the original four films. As a fan of this series, the idea of a 13th film is so damn appealing that, given the right talent, you’d probably have a pretty massive hit - I predict that when HALLOWEEN makes an enormous amount of buckage, it will be yet further proof that horror fans have a hard time saying goodbye to their icons.

friday the 13th sean s cunningham victor miller jason voorhees horror it's the booze talkinMaybe it’s the booze talkin’, but we need Cunningham and Miller to give us a proper F13 for the 40th anniversary. It’s not even a question that HALLOWEEN will be a huge success. As stated, we love our horror icons and if you give us something truly special, we will go see it. Can you imagine FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 13 celebrating the 40th anniversary of the original film? This would be huge! So come on Mr. Cunningham and Mr. Miller, you have the opportunity to come together and make one hell of a return to Camp Crystal Lake. Let’s iron out all the legal issues, get a few contracts signed and make this happen. Fans want it and it is almost a guaranteed success in terms of box office. And hey, there is a Friday the 13th in March of 2000. Let’s make this happen shall we?

friday the 13th victor miller sean s cunningham horror jason voorhees it's the booze talkin

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