It's the Booze Talkin', Is Blomkamp the right guy for Alien?


A few years ago when Ridley Scott began production on PROMETHEUS, I was more than a little thrilled to return to the world of ALIEN. After two very disappointing AVP movies, the thought of a sequel from Mr. Scott himself was stupendous. However, we now are fully aware that his sci-fi opus was not really a sequel at all, more of an expansion. And while I appreciated the film very much - many viewers didn’t - I still wondered if we’d ever see another ALIEN feature. It may not be a perfect franchise, but the first two classic features are some of the best examples of horror, action and science fiction. They are brilliant works, both of which still hold up exceptionally well today.

After PROMETHEUS of course there was talk of it leading up to an ALIEN prequel, and then going off in another direction. And then news became quiet with a few rumblings about a sequel to PROMETHEUS with Scott still involved. And then over the past few days came Neill Blomkamp.  As of recently, we keep hearing about the director’s currently untitled ALIEN film. And while I may have doubts about Blomkamp taking on one of my most cherished creatures, I can’t help but get a little giddy at the thought of Sigourney Weaver and Michael Biehn returning to what was once a spectacular world. Who cares if they met untimely ends in the sequels? This is science fiction folks, somebody could figure all that out.

Critics have not been kind to Blomkamp’s latest feature CHAPPIE. Nor have a number of talk backers and movie fans. Yet the Arrow himself seemed to enjoy the ride. Many of the naysayers claim that if you enjoy his work you are a Blomkamp apologist who will say great things about his movies no matter what - I guess the same could be said about those on the opposite sides. I for one am somewhere in the middle. I enjoyed DISTRICT 9. I didn’t find it as sensational as others, yet it was an intriguing premise with a great performance from Blomkamp regular, Shalrto Copley. As far as ELYSIUM is concerned, I didn’t hate it, however I didn't fully embrace it either. And forget about CHAPPIE, I’ve yet to see it, but I will find my way to the theatre at some point to take it in.

The question is, would I have picked Blomkamp to take on the ALIEN franchise? Not at all. His style is nothing like what Scott gave to ALIEN, or the high voltage action that James Cameron gave to ALIENS. That is not to say that we need a director to mimic the first two superior films, but it would be nice to have a filmmaker that can once again give the franchise substance. The very gritty style Blomkamp presents in his work just doesn’t seem suited to ALIEN. But perhaps the filmmaker deserves a little more credit than that. Recently he spoke of his passion for the project and his love for the world of the Xenomorph. Perhaps this could translate into something bigger and better than some of us may be expecting.

As a massive fan of the first two films - ALIEN 3 and RESURRECTION are guilty pleasures as well - I’m fully on-board to revisit this great franchise. Hell, I recently had the opportunity to watch the first film on the big screen and it thrilled me beyond belief as to how damn good it is. Weaver is one hell of a fantastic actress and if she is willing to once again play Ripley, I will most certainly be there to support it. The same goes for Biehn who was simply fantastic as Hicks, and he’d probably kick some serious ass once again. Can this really work all these years later? Perhaps I question out of fear that it may not be the film I want it to be, or maybe I’m simply concerned as to whether Blomkamp is the right fit for this franchise.

Maybe it’s the booze talkin’, but I wonder if Blomkamp is the right choice for ALIEN. I’m not a basher of the writer/director. Neither am I a hardcore fan that loves everything he has put his name to. What I do love is ALIEN and I would give anything to see a truly great sequel. That is, one without giant, nearly naked bald men, and one lacking any fight to the death with PREDATOR. Here is hoping this filmmaker can bring his excitement to this project and we will once again see Ellen Ripley making space a safer place!

Extra Tidbit: What do you think? Is Neill Blomkamp the right director for an ALIEN flick?
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