James Wan's ghost hunting true story The Conjuring/The Warren Files scores release date

The last we heard James Wan's (right) next project THE CONJURING was now going under the title of THE WARREN FILES. Now neither name has officially been confirmed to my knowledge so I suppose it's still a toss-up as to which way Wan and company are planning on going.

Regardless of the film's title, today Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema have slapped this little diddy with a release date! It seems THE CONJURING/THE WARREN FILES will be dropping into theaters on January 25, 2013. That's only a few months away folks!

The story is based on the real life tale of the Perron family and their ordeals in the 1970s. Wilson and Farmgia will be playing a husband and wife team of demonologists and psychic investigators who enter the most horrifying case of their career, spirits in a Rhode Island farmhouse.

The cast for the 'based on true events' film includes Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga (below), Mackenzie Foy, Joey King, Lilli Taylor and Ron Livingston. Now that this thing has a release date I'm sure we'll be treated to a lot more updates soon - like an official title perhaps?!

Extra Tidbit: Before SAW Wan teamed with Shannon Young for his first film - the Australian horror flick STYGIAN.



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