Jamie Lee Curtis and the Scream Queens share their favorite horror flicks

In a new promotional video for the Fox anthology series Scream Queens, Jamie Lee Curtis and her castmates discuss their favorite horror films. As a matter of fact, most of them are too terrified to even watch scary movies, but Jamie Lee's outspoken reaction to the genre is by far the most ironic. The High Empress of Scream herself can hardly watch House of Cards without covering her eyes.

The one true surprise came from Lea Michele:

There's two things I love: food and horror movies.

It's hard to imagine the Broadway songstress bathed in the glow of a hard-won VHS fright flick, but I guess stranger things have happened. The titles that the young cast bandy about include THE RING, THE ORPHANAGE, THE EXORCIST, several slasher standbys, and THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (shoutout to Abigail Breslin for that rad pick!). Check out the video below!

Scream Queens opens in a flashback to 1995 at the sorority where something horrible happens. It’s a mystery that goes unsolved. Flash forward 20 years to today, and it looks like someone is out for revenge. Something horrible happened to a pledge and on the anniversary of that crime, someone is out for vengeance.

Scream Queens also stars Emma Roberts, Keke Palmer, Oliver Hudson, Ariana Grande, Billie Lourd, Skyler Samuels, and Nick Jonas. The show will premiere on Fox on September 22nd.

Extra Tidbit: What Jamie Lee Curtis film do you think would terrify Jamie Lee Curtis the most?
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