Jason Blum says there could be a new Purge movie every year

With THE PURGE: ANARCHY, the sequel to last summers unexpected hit THE PURGE, set to hit theaters on June 20, producer Jason Blum  of Blumhouse Productions has been discussing the future of the franchise and clearly has big plans for THE PURGE going forward. In a recent interview with Collider Blum shared that we could see more PURGE films in the future and would be up for releasing a new PURGE film every year.

When the notion of a film set within the world of THE PURGE came up, Blum stated...

I hope so.  I would love that.  There are so many stories you could tell with it.

Blumhouse has had previous success on the mass sequel front with its other franchises, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY and INSIDIOUS, but according to Blum, the plans for sequels only materialise after the first film is finished.

“The first movie, we never make thinking about sequels. The second movie, we always think about sequels.”

“With Insidious 2, Sinister 2, The Purge: Anarchy and even the second Paranormal Activity, we’re establishing a franchise, so we always think about what the third movie will be. I just never think, on the first movie, about what the second movie will be.”

We'll have to wait to see if THE PURGE: ANARCHY is a hit, which I'm sure will determine if future sequels will be in the cards.
Once again written and directed by James DeMonaco, THE PURGE: ANARCHY opens on June 20th and stars Kiele Sanchez, Frank Grillo, Michael K. Williams and Zach Gilford. 

Extra Tidbit: Would you be down for a PURGE film every year?
Source: Collider



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