Jason Lives...Again! New Friday the 13th film dated for 2015

Here's some exciting news to start your day!

A new FRIDAY THE 13th film is coming our way, with Paramount Pictures locking in a release date of March 13, 2015. And yes, that is a Friday the 13th.

But this news begs the question: what exactly is this movie? Is it a sequel to the Marcus Nispel-directed reboot from back in 2009, or could it be a continuation of the franchise that seemingly ended in 2003 with FREDDY VS. JASON? The answer is none of the above. According to the reliable Exhibitor Relations Twitter account, the new film will be yet another reboot. What makes it interesting, however, is that the movie will be the thirteenth theatrically released movie in the series.

Back in September original FRIDAY THE 13th director Sean S. Cunningham suggested that we may be seeing a new film in 2015, and we've been hearing rumors of the next film being in the found footage format for a while, but at the moment there are no details regarding exactly what form the new film will take, nor do we have word on who will be helming this new entry in the long-running franchise. But we can certainly celebrate that a new FRIDAY THE 13th film is coming our way!

Extra Tidbit: Are you stoked to hear that we'll be seeing another FRIDAY THE 13th film in 2015?



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