Is the next Friday the 13th film coming out in 2015?

We heard back in June that Paramount was (supposedly) partnering up with Platinum Dunes to bring us another FRIDAY THE 13th movie; this after the news that Paramount had retrieved the rights to the franchise from New Line Cinema. We haven't been privy to any further news, but today brings us an interesting morsel of information... possibly.

Sean S. Cunningham, of course the director of the original FRIDAY THE 13th film, is doing some interviews to help promote the new FRIDAY THE 13th Blu-ray box set. In a chat with FEARnet, Cunningham reveals that the next FRIDAY may come in 2015.

There will be another Friday the 13th, which will probably get shot in the spring. If it all goes as I would like, it would then be released at the beginning of 2015.

Cunningham goes on to say that it won't continue the story of the FRIDAY THE 13th remake, it will be a "fresh story." Additionally, he mentions the possibility of another FREDDY VS. JASON film (which I personally think is a pipe dream) and a "Friday the 13th: Crystal Lake Chronicles" series that evidently some writers are working on.

This could all be wishful thinking/conjecture on Cunningham's part, but we'll see how it plays out. We might just be a couple of years away from Jason's return.

Extra Tidbit: Are you looking forward to Jason's inevitable return?
Source: FEARnet



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