Jeepers Creepers 3 starts filming today!

Thank God!  I was worried for awhile there I was going to be stuck reporting on trailers all day! The trailers I've shared have been pretty cool, sure, but I've been waiting for some news that truly knocked me through a loop.

Well, ask and you shall receive!

The dudes over at Bloody Disgusting - actually it was none other than Mr. Disgusting himself, Brad Miska - just now reported exclusively that filming on the new entry in the JEEPERS CREEPERS franchise started today in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! 

Here is Brad Miska's quote:

We can exclusively report that filming began today (Feb. 20, 2017) on Victor Salva‘s Jeepers Creepers 3 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It’s real and it’s happening, finally.

Nice! JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 is really happening! How cool is that?

I have been a big fan of JEEPERS CREEPERS since I first stumbled upon it on a weekend to the theater with the old high school ball-and-chain. We had been, like most teenagers, checking out every horror flick that hit that summer and JEEPERS CREEPERS was one of the genre entries that truly stuck out.

The sequel not so  much...

But whatever, ho-hum sequel aside, I am still very much looking forward to more adventures with The Creeper. We, as always, will keep you up to date on any and all JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 news we hear!

Extra Tidbit: Do you think Justin Long will make a cameo?



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