Jesse Metcalfe to star in The Ninth Passenger

Jesse Metcalfe Dead Rising: Watchtower

Production begins this week on THE NINTH PASSENGER, a thriller from director Ian Pfaff that will star Jesse Metcalfe, who is pictured above on the set of the zombie film DEAD RISING: WATCHTOWER.

Written by Corey Large and Steve Albert, THE NINTH PASSENGER follows 

a group of college students on a spontaneous midnight sea voyage that turns horrific when they drift to a dark island and are hunted by a mysterious ninth passenger.

From the description it's hard to tell what sort of horror that ninth passenger will be providing, whether it's supernatural, slashery, or otherwise.

Joining Metcalfe in the cast as Alexia Fast (pictured below), Tom Maden, Veronica Dunne, Sabina Gadecki, David Hennessey, Cinta Laura Kiehl, Timothy V. Murphy, and screenwriter/producer Large. That's nine cast members for nine passengers.

This appears to be the feature directorial debut of Pfaff, who has directed more than thirty shorts over the last four years, including collaborations with Cheech and Chong.

THE NINTH PASSENGER will be filming in Vancouver. The project has already landed distribution in the UK thanks to Lionsgate UK.

Alexia Fast

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Source: Variety



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