Jessica Cameron to co-direct An Ending with Joshua Chiara

Having racked up more than sixty acting credits in less than a decade, scream queen Jessica Cameron has also started branching out into producing and directing in recent years. Cameron will soon be at the helm of her third directorial effort, AN ENDING, which she will be co-directing with the film's screenwriter Joshua Chiara.

Cameron will also be starring alongside Heather Dorff and Ali Ferda. Cameron's character is Florence, a woman who wakes up in a nightmare world where Dorff's Collette and Ferda's Molly are also trapped.

As the three women are stalked through the corridors of the nightmare world by something lurking in the shadows, they are split apart, and each finds herself on her own personal journey.

Described by Cameron as an "artistic horror adventure", AN ENDING starts filming in Cincinnati, Ohio at the end of this month. It definitely sounds like a project worth keeping an eye on.

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