Jodie Foster to star in futuristic thriller Hotel Artemis

Jodie Foster Hotel Artemis Drew Pearace

For the first time since 2013's ELYSIUM, Jodie Foster will return to the silver screen in front of the camera as the lead in HOTEL ARTEMIS, a futuristic thriller that will be the directorial debut of IRON MAN 3 scribe Drew Pearce. The film will be financed by The Ink Factory.

Says Ink Factory's Stephen Cornwall:

Casting Jodie Foster is a real coup. She is an extraordinary talent and will bring something very special to the film. We are delighted to welcome her to this exciting production. Drew’s vision is unique and we can’t wait to see it brought to life by a stellar cast.

Jodie Foster plays a character called "The Nurse" in HOTEL ARTEMIS, which is a:

near-future thriller that is set in its own distinctive crime universe.

The film is being produced by The Ink Factory's Simon and Stephen Cornwell and Marc Platt Productions's Adam Siegel and Marc Platt. Pearce is executive producing.

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