Johnny Depp and Eva Green have a staredown in this new Dark Shadows photo

It initially looks like Johnny Depp's Barnabas Collins and Eva Green's Angelique Bouchard are simply studying each other's make-up in this new photo from Tim Burton's DARK SHADOWS, but upon further review it's obvious that this is a face-off between the two supernatural characters. Down, girls!

You already likely know that Barnabus is a vampire who has just risen after spending two centuries in a tomb against his will. But if you're wondering about Green's character, here's how she was described last year by screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith:

“Angelique is a witch who has known Barnabas since the 1700s, when they had an affair that went sour. She is the one who cursed him to be a vampire and locked him in that box. Since he has been away, Angelique has made it her life’s mission to destroy the Collins family. So when Barnabas turns up again after all these years, she’s not very happy to see him.”

Well, I'm sure the rest of us will be happy to see him when DARK SHADOWS comes out on MAY 11th.

Extra Tidbit: Seth Grahame-Smith recently described the movie as very much keeping with the original series' "soap opera" feel.
Source: Warner Bros.



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