Lionsgate to give Eduardo Sanchez's bigfoot horror Exists an October release

It's still not safe to go trekking through the woods, but Lionsgate plans on taking us deep into sasquatch territory this October with the release of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT co-director Eduardo Sanchez's long-awaited bigfoot horror tale EXISTS.

Lionsgate will be giving the found footage horror EXISTS a release on VOD platforms October 3, a few weeks before it hits limited theaters on October 24. Just in time for Halloween!

EXISTS stars Dora Madison Burge, Samuel Davis, Roger Edwards, Chris Osborn, and Denise Williamson with Eduardo Sanchez (THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and LOVELY MOLLY) directing from a Jamie Nash script. Brian Steele (HELLBOY) plays the monster. Producers are Robin Cowie, Jane Fleming, Andy Jenkins, and Mark Ordesky with Gregg Hale and Reed Frerichs exec producing.

In Bigfoot’s bold return to the big screen...

“...five friends on a camping weekend in the remote woods of East Texas struggle to survive against a legendary predator that is stronger, smarter, and more terrifying than anything they would have ever believed exists.”

I'm always down for a new Bigfoot-themed horror tale so this one is definitely on my radar. Look for EXISTS on VOD October 3, or catch it in theaters on October 24.

Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite Bigfoot-themed horror flick?



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