Top 10 Hottest Christmas Horror Movie Heroines!

To all you fellow Arrow in the Headers, Merry mother*cking Friday the 13th Christmas!

Indeed, the rare lunar alignment (nearing a full moon, mind you) has gifted us horror heads with our favorite superstitious holiday – Friday the 13th – just 12 days before Christmas. You’d agree, such an occasion calls for a double celebration. But how should we go about handling a festive soiree? I know, how about unwrapping some Christmas horror hotties? Better yet, heroines. There have been many gorgeous females to grace the various Xmas horror flicks, but how many actually survive their attackers in the end? Let’s find out below when we present our Top 10 Hottest Christmas Horror Movie Heroines!


Much like Susan Sarandon, Mary Woronov has aged like a f*cking ‘42 Margaux. The statuesque 5’11” stunner with world-class bone structure has starred in several cult-classics, be it ROCK AND ROLL HIGH SCHOOL, EATING RAOUL, or NIGHT OF THE COMET. But remember, one of her earliest roles came as the final girl in the 1972 Christmas horror-show SILENT NIGHT, BLOODY NIGHT. While Woronov’s character isn’t all that scantily clad in the film, it doesn’t matter, her unique physique and sharp features are way too illecebrous to omit in the end. Straight up, Woronov is one of the sexiest actresses to ever grace the big screen!


Y’all recall the hot blonde Venkman grills at the beginning of GHOSTBUSTERS? Yup, I’m talking about the same woman who played Heather Merryweather in the classic comedy UP THE CREEK. Legendary status! Yeah well, her name is Jennifer Runyon, and she also played the headlining heroine in David Hess’ 1980 Christmastime chiller TO ALL A GOODNIGHT. As you can see, she almost resembles a young Lea Thompson. Unfortunately, Runyon was forced to lose some 60 pounds in order to land the role, which marked her screen debut. While we’re glad she got healthier and won the role, no woman should endure such treatment.


Few horror actresses are able rock the raw sex appeal of sultry scream queen Debbie Rochon, who we all know and love from the 1996 bucket of B-movie swill, SANTA CLAWS. Rochon has tallied nearly 250 credits since the early 80s, but not many make you want to stuff her stockings in the way her character Raven Quinn does. The film follows a deranged super-fan hell-bent on unwrapping his favorite B-movie horror actress for Christmas. Speaking of, Raven Quinn is reportedly based on real-life scream queen Brinke Stevens (THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE).


Before she was floating away on frilly umbrellas and battling sightless monsters, Emily Blunt starred in a tautly frigid little two-hander called WIND CHILL. Ever see it? If so, you’re probably wondering how a woman in snow-pants can register as hot. Come on though, we’re talking about the Blunt here, she stays lit! Besides, as one of her first films, WIND CHILL more or less introduced Blunt’s gorgeous face to a new horror audience. The plot concerns two college kids who dash through the snow for a holiday home-visit. Once stranded on a ghastly stretch of road, they must battle sinister spirits and make it out alive.


While my personal taste gravitated more toward Anna’s seductive sidekick, Lisa (Marli Siu), we have rules around here. And, spoiler alert, since Lisa didn’t make it out alive at the end of the film, we must swap allegiances to award Ella Hunt as one of the all-time sexiest Christmas horror movie heroines. What I love about Hunt’s performance is that, even among the saccharine highs of yuletide cheering and musical numbers and the blood-soaked lows of a zombie apocalypse, she stays even-keeled throughout. She’s cool, calm, controlled, which makes her confidently sexy.


Jaime King decked in a police uniform is hot enough to make anyone with a heartbeat willfully commit a crime. Unfortunately, in SILENT NIGHT, said crime is an indiscriminate slaughter-march exacted by a maniac dressed as Santa Claus. Still, the bloodletting and body count doesn’t dissuade Officer Aubrey Bradimore from doing her just duty. As she works with her father and town Sheriff to unmask the madman, Bradimore finds herself in direct danger by the final reel. Soft and sexy yet spry and strong-willed, King is Queen!


Had she survived the ruthless onslaught of the INSIDE remake, perhaps the stunning Rachel Nichols would have two Xmas horror flicks in the running. As it is, however, her role opposite the bat-shit psychotic-killer Wes Bentley in the underrated stalk-and-slash effort P2 must be rewarded. Of course, to face this menacing and murderous madness, there’s only one Method, Man: Hot Nichols! (Shout out to the Wu fans that caught that forced reach). The film follows a sexy businesswoman who is obsessively chased through her business parking garage on Christmas Eve.


While there’s debatable ambiguity over what happens to Jess at the open-ended conclusion of the original BLACK CHRISTMAS, Olivia Hussey is too damn pretty to exclude from this here festive celebration. Remember, the movie ends with the unidentified killer slinking his way into the room adjacent to where Jess sleeps, leaving us to guess whether or not the final girl meets her maker or survives in the end. It’s this very opacity that makes the movie a bona fide classic that deserves revisiting every Holiday season. Of course, the grand irony is Hussey is no hussy at all, but rather a refined and angelic beauty unparalleled in most Xmas horrors.


We all scoffed, jeered and downright boycotted the notion of remaking BLACK CHRISTMAS in 2006, but once the movie came out and found a little breathing room, the consensus seemed to agree that the movie isn’t all that bad. One of the main reasons why is the pure inextinguishable heat of one Katie Cassidy, who played the top-billed heroine Kelli Presley in the film. Even better, Cassidy is surrounded by a harem of equally fetching ladies including Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Lacey Chabert, Crystal Lowe, Michelle Trachtenberg and others. Yet, in the end, the physical prowess of Cassidy rises above the rest.


Bet you didn’t see this one coming, did ya? What’s Christmas without a surprise gift! Well, we actually feel a tad odd bestowing the top honor of Sexiest Christmas Horror Movie Heroine to Ashley Mary Nunes. Not because she isn’t a drop-dead gorgeous physical specimen worthy of such a distinction, but because the movie she starred in to make the list, ALL THROUGH THE HOUSE, was directed by Nunes’ own brother, Todd. The awkwardness aside, you’d be seriously hard-pressed to find a hotter horror heroine than Nunes in this flick. Hotter victims, perhaps (Lito Velasco yo!), but final survivors? Hell nah!

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