Long lost Corey Feldman/Adam West movie Seance released on YouTube

Inspired by a paranormal experience he had in his childhood, construction worker Rick Vasquez wrote a screenplay and managed to put together a budget of $1 million to bring it to life as a film entitled SEANCE (a.k.a. KILLER IN THE DARK), starring Corey Feldman and Adam West.

That was back in 2001, and although the goal was to get SEANCE into theatres and/or onto DVD, the project either got lost in distribution hell or was simply buried because it was terrible. Either way, Vasquez moved on. Until earlier this month, when his son's friend, who calls himself "neckbeard le pirate" on Reddit, found out about its existence and convinced Vasquez to finally release SEANCE into the world. For free, on YouTube, in 10 parts.

The film's synopsis:

Late one night, Jon (Corey Feldman) throws a party for his college buddies and his sexy sweetheart Silvia (Mikki Padilla). Looking to liven things up, Jon tells the tale of a child ghost, Michael Miller, who died a long time ago while desecrating a church. Intriqued, Jon's friends coerce him to hold a seance and raise the blasphemous boy from the dead. Little did they know it would work, and Michael Miller would rise from the grave, mad as hell... and out for revenge!

Since Vasquez owns the rights, this is a legal and official release of the movie, and it can be viewed right here.

This may not be the sort of release Vasquez had in mind, but I'm glad his film is finally available in some way. I'll be signing onto YouTube to watch Corey Feldman and Adam West fight a ghost kid as soon as possible

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching SEANCE?
Source: Reddit



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