Lynch Films announces Amsterdam set disease thriller Infectious

An infectious disease spreading through the streets of Amsterdam? No, never...

Lynch Films, the crew behind upcoming horror flick OUIJA, has just announced a new genre flick called INFECTIOUS, said to be based on true events. The film is in early development script stages and is set to be filmed in Amsterdam early 2014. Peep the skinny below:

Lynch films confirm UK horror thriller Infectious based on true events. Infectious tells the story of a group of girls who take a summer break in Amsterdam to party the weekend away. One of them meets one of the locals while waiting for a friend, only thing is he has other ideas of a party.

I can't front, more films need to be shot in Amsterdam. The canals, the cobblestones, the Red Light district, the hash and juice bars...such instant production value at the ready. Maybe INFECTIOUS will live up to its title when it comes to showcasing the city, if nothing else.

As INFECTIOUS nears production, keep it close for news regarding cast and director (though I have a hunch Darren Lynch, of OUIJA, will direct).

Extra Tidbit: You been to Amsterdam? How'd you like it?
Source: Lynch Films



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