Mark Neveldine finds The Vatican Tapes

It has been three long years since anything has come out of Lakeshore's exorcism thriller THE VATICAN TAPES. At the time, James Marsh (MAN ON A WIRE) was set to direct the horror flick that centers around an exorcism that goes horribly wrong. Don't they all?

Since then, however, Variety is reporting that Lakeshore Entertainment has attached Mark Neveldine to take a seat in the director's chair which will mark his first solo gig away from his usual partner in crime, Brian Taylor. Neveldine co-directed the CRANK films, GAMER and GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE so the idea of him taking on an exorcism all by his lonesome is an intriguing one.

The story is said to center around a series of events that unfold after a tape which displays an exorcism gone wrong gets leaked from the Vatican. As with most exorcism films, this one sounds like it might have a lot of potential. The "found-footage" angle isn't necessarily anything new but if done right like [REC], it could be used to its advantage and add a super creepy element to the film.

We might be in store for some shaky-cam projectile vomit scenes! I'm so there!

Amy Smart (CRANK)

Extra Tidbit: How do you guys think Neveldine will do with his first solo project?
Source: Variety



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