Matthew Broderick joins Netflix's adaptation of Brian Ralph’s Daybreak

Matthew Broderick is no stranger to flicks about high school. After all, the man is probably best known for his roles in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF and Alexander Payne's ELECTION, and so it makes sense that it was only a matter of time before Broderick went back to school. This time the man will be taking on a role in Netflix's upcoming adaptation of Brian Ralph’s graphic novel DAYBREAK from co-creators Aron Eli Coleite and Brad Peyton.

What's more interesting than Broderick heading back to school, however, is the fact that this role will (surprisingly) be his first regular role on a TV series. Huh, I would have lost THAT trivia question. Anyhow, Broderick's will be playing the role of Burr, the cheerful, upbeat principal of Glendale High.

The character is being described as a Principal who

knows the name of every kid in school and their favorite character to play in Overwatch. In a hashtag-filled world of #metoo and #blacklivesmatter and #timesup, Burr is genuinely trying to be part of the solution: a good guy, an advocate, and ally for all. But let’s face it, kids can be monsters.

Netflix’s upcoming 10-episode high school apocalypse dramedy series follows

17-year-old high school outcast Josh searching for his missing girlfriend Sam in post-apocalyptic Glendale, CA. Joined by a ragtag group of misfits including a pyromaniac 12-year-old Angelica and Josh’s former high school bully Wesley, now turned pacifist samurai, Josh tries to stay alive amongst the horde of Mad Max-style gangs (evil jocks, cheerleaders turned Amazon warriors), zombie-like creatures called Ghoulies, and everything else this brave new world throws at him.

Coleite will serve as the series' showrunner, and executive produces along with Peyton, who will be helming the pilot episode, and Jeff Fierson. I haven't read Brian Ralph’s graphic novel DAYBREAK, but I'm thinking of giving it a day in court soon here. If you feel the same way, you can follow me over to Amazon and pick up a copy right now HERE. Have you read Brian Ralph’s DAYBREAK? Do you think it will make a solid Netflix series, and do you think Matthew Broderick is a good choice for the role of Principal Burr? Let us know below!

Source: Deadline



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