Max Minghella and Eloise Mumford join Joe Johnston's low-budget thriller Not Safe For Work

As major releases like THE DEVIL INSIDE and CHRONICLE make big coin on relatively low budgets, it's obvious that we're seeing the rise of the micro-budget genre flick from within the studio system. One such forthcoming "studio indie" is NOT SAFE FOR WORK, which we last told you about at the beginning of the month. Joe Johnston and Universal Pictures are collaborating on this project, which is said to cost somewhere in the $2.5 million range. The last time these two got in bed together, it was for THE WOLFMAN, which reportedly cost over $100 million. Tells you everything you need to know, really...

In any event, NOT SAFE FOR WORK, which follows a young paralegal trapped in an office with a killer on a secret mission to destroy files and anyone that stands in his path, is moving forward in earnest with the signing of its two main protagonists: Max Minghella and Eloise Mumford.

Minghella (pictured above) is perhaps best known for his turn in THE SOCIAL NETWORK, and was also recently seen (by a few people, at least) in THE DARKEST HOUR. Mumford (pictured below), meanwhile, is currently appearing on television sets everywhere in ABC's horror series "The River".

The screenplay for the thriller was penned by Adam Mason and Simon Boyes (who have written a few micro-budget horror movies of their own like LUSTER and THE DEVIL'S CHAIR); Jason Blum's Blumhouse Productions will produce.

Extra Tidbit: I think "studio indie" is a good classification for this new wave of low-budget releases from the big boys.
Source: Variety



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