Melissa McCarthy spotted in Ghostbusters uniform; director reveals Ecto-1

With filming on the GHOSTBUSTERS reboot currently underway, news about the Boston production and behind-the-scenes pictures are coming out at a rate comparable to ghosts escaping from a deactivated containment system.

About a week ago, director Paul Feig gave us our first look at the uniforms his female Ghostbusters will be wearing. The uniforms were just hanging on a rack in his picture, but now we know what one of the Ghostbusters looks like all suited up, as Melissa McCarthy has been spotted in uniform at a filming location. Which makes me wonder - what was a lone Ghostbuster doing out and about? Where are her fellow 'busters Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones?

Speaking of Feig giving first looks, he's done it again, this time tweeting out a picture of his film's version of the Ecto-1, the vehicle the Ghostbusters show up in after you give them a call about a ghostly disturbance. The new Ecto-1 is a different model of car than the original, but as with the uniforms it's a classic element that the filmmakers have chosen not to drastically alter. These things look quite familiar.

We'll see how familiar the story is when GHOSTBUSTERS reaches theatres on July 22, 2016. Cast members not playing titular characters include Neil Casey, Chris Hemsworth, Andy Garcia, Michael K. Williams, Matt Walsh, Pat Kiernan, and Cecily Strong.

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