MGM and Lori Evans Taylor think you need some Bed Rest

Last week, a spec script written by Lori Evans Taylor hit the market and ignited a bidding war.

Entitled BED REST, Taylor's script tells the story of

an expectant mother who, due to the nature of her pregnancy, is confined to bed rest. It's when she can't leave her home that bad things begin to happen.

Those bad things are said to be of the supernatural sort.

MGM has come out the victor in the competition to purchase the script, teaming with producers Chris Sparling and Karen Rosenfelt to shepherd the project to the screen.

There is little to go on at this point, but the concept of a lead character dealing with scary circumstances while confined to their home always holds promise, as it has given us such films as REAR WINDOW and FRIGHT NIGHT. I'm interested to see how this one turns out.

Imogen Poots of the FRIGHT NIGHT remake

Extra Tidbit: How does the idea of BED REST sound to you?
Source: Heat Vision



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