Michael Biehn joining Bill Moseley & Michael Berryman in "Hell Hunters?!"

When you think of some of the most reliable names in our beloved genre these three should undoubtedly come to mind: Bill Moseley, Michael Berryman and Michael Biehn. Right? Right.

So when the ever-reliable IMDB points out that Mr. Biehn (right) is rumored to be joining Moseley and Berryman in the new genre TV series "Hell Hunters" you can bet I'm going to tell you about it. I'm sold on pretty much anything Biehn does so you can go ahead and toss "Hell Hunters" onto my radar. Now it seems the genre actor is only 'in talks' to join the project as 'Ajacks' but I'm sure there's an excellent chance he'll be signing on.

Travis Werner, a young boy in a small town in North Dakota adopts the persona of Ajacks from a 1960s comic book. And as a vigilante crime fighter, continues to hunt down the scum of the earth.

Along with Moseley and Berryman the series is also set to star Miguel A. Núñez Jr., William McNamara, Jamie Bernadette, Calista Carradine, Mindy Robinson (below), Tony Curtis Blondell, Sean Morelli, Karina Colon, Lawrence Donini, Aj Denton, Kelley Sumption and Lamont Compton. It'll be coming our way from Lawrence Donini and helmer Jourdan McClure. Unfortunately there's no word on any sort of release on "Hell Hunters" but we'll keep our eyes open for that, and confirmation of Biehn's involvement, in the coming weeks so be sure to check back for any updates we stumble on.

Extra Tidbit: The last Michael Biehn flick I seen was Xavier Gens' THE DIVIDE... and Biehn tore sh*t up!
Source: IMDB



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