Mickey Rourke is on a mission to stop someone Unhinged

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Mickey Rourke has a pretty cool filmography, but when I look over his acting résumé there is something that becomes very clear: the man has not appeared in nearly enough horror movies. He's looking to rectify that with his latest film, director Mark Atkins' UNHINGED. (Which has no connection to the '80s slasher UNHINGED or its upcoming remake.)

Making the announcement of UNHINGED all the more exciting to me is that the description makes it sounds like Rourke will basically be playing a variation on the Dr. Loomis role from HALLOWEEN. His character is 

Dr. Elder, a prominent psychiatrist at a state-run hospital who wrestles with madness and a dark supernatural force as he races to stop an escaped patient from butchering five people held hostage in a remote house.

When Rourke's Elder catches up with that escaped patient, will he shoot him six times? I can't wait to find out.

I also like how the description mentions that Elder "wrestles" with the issues; it seems like a smooth nod to 2008's THE WRESTLER, which Rourke received an Academy Award nomination for.

Scripted by Ian Holt, UNHINGED is set to start filming in Los Angeles this July. The film is being produced by Holt alongside Michael Alden and Michael Kuciak of Alt House Productions and Scott Martin and Michael Slifkin of Archstone Entertainment. Nathan Reid serves as executive producer.

Archstone holds the international sales rights and will be releasing the film domestically, with Sony handling the DVD, VOD, and TV side of the release.

Before this, Rourke most notably ventured into the horror genre with ANGEL HEART, which is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary this year.

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