The Minotaur monster returns in yet another Greek mythology feature called Theseus

I've made it known here on the pages of AITH that I'm not a huge fan of those Greek mythology epics. There's really no specific reason why.. they just don't do it for me. But that doesn't mean I'm going to hold back from telling you about a brand new Greek mythology-based feature heading our way!

News spilling out of The Hollywood Reporter has Bulgarian director Javor Gardev signing on to direct THESEUS. While we don't have an actual plot for THESEUS we do know it will be a special effects-heavy take on the Greek myth of the minotaur monster and the hero who defeated it. Works for me.

Kalliope Films are the ones backing this project, which was penned by Kalliope's head Kira Madallo Seasay. Joseph C. Pepe will be handling character design for the flick while Korey Cauchon handles visual effects. Why are these two big deals? Well Pepe worked on a little flick called AVATAR while Cauchon worked on the visual effects for flicks like SPIDER-MAN 2 and SUCKER PUNCH. Nice!

Kalliope Films are currently out to find a star for their titular hero 'Theseus.' As soon as they sign someone we'll be right here to let you all know.

Extra Tidbit: Henry Cavill played the role of 'Theseus' in IMMORTALS, which also starred Freida Pinto (above).
Source: THR



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