Mo Brothers' Killers slaying sales

It's been a while since we heard anything on the Mo Brothers long-anticipated KILLERS. Way back in 2011 we reported that the film had been put on hold, with the directing duo working instead on a project called GODDAMN F*CKING GHOULS, but with little-to-no-movement (or news) on that particular piece, the Mo Brothers found time to get back to work on KILLERS and today we have some news on the film's sales.

US-based production and sales company XYZ Films has closed several deals for The Mo Brothers’ Japan-Indonesia crime thriller ahead of EFM. Since debuting at AFM, rights have been pre-sold to Germany (Tiberius), France (Wild Side), Turkey (Calinos) and Hong Kong (Sundream). At EFM, XYZ sales partner Celluloid Nightmares will reveal further footage ahead of the film’s April completion.

Killers follows a Japanese serial killer (Kazuki Kitamura) with a large online following and a disgraced Indonesian journalist (Oka Antara) whose copycat vigilante murders gain him equal notoriety, leading  to a showdown.

In association with XYZ, KILLERS was co-produced by legendary Japanese studio Nikkatsu with Indonesian backing from THE RAID director Gareth Evans’ P.T. Merantau Pictures and the Mo Brothers’ Guerilla Merah Films.

Nikkatsu producer Yoshinori Chiba, who previously launched the Sushi Typhoon label and produced COLD FISH, commented on working with fast-rising Indonesia.

“We quickly invested based on the success of The Raid and having MACABRE directors The Mo Brothers attached. KILLERS will appeal to international audiences.”

This is fantastic news! It seems the wait will soon be over and KILLERS will be heading our way. I just hope the wait will have been worth it.

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Source: Screen Daily



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