More video from "The Walking Dead" Season 2 has a deleted scene & behind the scenes feature

That's right folks. It's another day so we've got another "Walking Dead" update for you all. Usually a project that has this many updates gets annoying very quickly. Not "The Walking Dead." I'll read about updates concerning this shite all day long!

Unfortunately today's goods aren't from the highly anticipated third season, but instead are from "The Walking Dead" Season 2! You see we've got a nifty little deleted scene for you guys from the second season featuring Andrew Lincoln's 'Rick Grimes' and Jon Bernthal's 'Shane' battling some of the undead. Then, coming at us courtesy of TV Line, we've got a special featurette where showrunner Glen Mazzara talks about that epic Season 2 finale! To see the deleted scene just scroll on down below or head over to our videos section. For the featurette head right over HERE.

"The Walking Dead" Season 2 drops onto DVD and Blu-Ray on August 28th followed by Season 3's premiere on October 14th, only on AMC!

"The Walking Dead" (2012) - Season 2 Deleted Scene

Extra Tidbit: Not only did Lauren Cohan (above) play the recurring character 'Bela' in "Supernatural" but she also had an arc in "The Vampire Diaries."



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