NBC discusses a release date for Hannibal and the future of The Munsters

So apparently NBC is all about the horror stuff what with the current popularity of GRIMM and its upcoming Thomas Harris adaptation HANNIBAL. Speaking of the latter, NBC executive Robert Greenblatt has announced the serial killer procedural could be premiered as soon as this season.

According to TV Guide Greenblatt said Hannibal could make it on the schedule before the end of the season if other midseason offerings fizzled. But he also said it could be held for summer, where it might be competitive against high -quality cable dramas.

The company has also discussed trying to herald THE MUNSTERS back to the small screen after the disaster that was MOCKINGBIRD LANE. “I won’t say we won’t do another version of The Munsters again,” Greenblatt said. “We just decided that it didn’t hold together well enough to yield a series… it just didn’t ultimately creatively all work."

Though Greenblatt had several nice things to say about the cast, he seems very disapointed in the series uneven mixture of horror and comedy: "We felt great about that cast, but we tried to make it not just a sitcom. We tried to make it an hour, which ultimately has more dramatic weight than a half-hour. It’s hard to calibrate how much weirdness vs. supernatural vs. family story. I just think we didn’t get the mix right.”

So you can probably expect THE MUNSTERS REMAKE 2.0 to start production sometime within the next couple of years. As for HANNIBAL, stay tuned for a release date to come around pretty soon. And, with that, here's a pic of MUNSTERS star and pin-up girl Yvonne De Carlo to play us out...

Extra Tidbit: How are we feeling about HANNIBAL? Good? Bad? Otherwise?
Source: DeadlineTV Guide



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