Neill Blomkamp shares Alien 5 concept art of Newt

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The saga of Neill Blomkamp's ALIEN 5 began when the filmmaker shared concept art for the project on his social media accounts. It wasn't an official project at the time, the art was just something Blomkamp had commissioned as he daydreamed about making an ALIEN sequel. As soon as Fox heard that the maker of DISTRICT 9 wanted to work on their franchise, it became something official, and although the development has been put on hold while Ridley Scott makes the prequel ALIEN: COVENANT, Blomkamp's well of concept art still hasn't run dry.

To mark the fact that today is Alien Day, Blomkamp shared a new image on Instagram, this one showing a character who seems to be very important to his story. Newt. 

Previous artwork has suggested that Blomkamp's ALIEN 5 is some sort of alternate sequel to ALIENS, bringing back Michael Biehn's character Hicks, alive and scarred, even though he was killed off at the start of ALIEN 3. Biehn has said that Hicks and Sigourney Weaver's Ripley would be joined in the film by a twenty-seven year old Newt, and he described ALIEN 5 as a "passing of the torch" film where Newt (who was played by 9-year-old Carrie Henn in ALIENS) would become the new heroine of the franchise.

Below we have this glimpse of Blomkamp's vision for Newt. She certainly looks like a capable heroine to me.

Extra Tidbit: Do you want to see Newt return?
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