Netflix will thrill you with Sarah Pinborough's 13 Minutes

Sarah Pinborough

Horror novelist Sarah Pinborough's young adult mystery / psychological thriller 13 MINUTES, which is described as a cross between MEAN GIRLS and GONE GIRL, will be getting a cinematic adaptation courtesy of Netflix and producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage of Fake Empire, Trevor Engelson of Underground, and Michael De Luca.

Published earlier this year, 13 MINUTES tells the story of 

a popular high school student who dies under suspicious circumstances for 13 minutes before she is revived. The girl's former best friend attempts to get back into her good graces by solving this would-be murder, but unwittingly steps into a hornet's nest of social media driven manipulation and suburban secrets that puts her own life at risk.

Schwartz and Savage will be writing the screenplay adaptation together.

I've never read any of Pinborough's work, but the plot of 13 MINUTES sounds interesting enough. I look forward to seeing how this one turns out.

Sarah Pinborough 13 Minutes

Extra Tidbit: Have you read any Sarah Pinborough books?
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