New deets on The Host 2 pop up, including writer, director & release date

Back in November, we previewed some test footage for THE HOST 2, the long awaited sequel to Bong Joon-ho's exceptional 2006 monster-movie. Now, it seems some production info has come to light, including an approximated release date. Peep it...

Word from Twitch is Korean filmmaker Im Pil-sung (HANSEL & GRETEL, DOOMSDAY BOOK) has completed a script for THE HOST 2, which will be directed by feature first timer Park Myung-chun. No plot details are known as of yet, but it seems the flick is poised to hit theaters around the globe in the summer of 2014. Apparently the film will feature two different monsters this go around!

Not sure about you, but I consider THE HOST one of the last great monster movies to come about. Guillermo del Toro will have his say this summer with PACIFIC RIM, but if the footage we flashed a few months ago is any indicator, THE HOST 2 is in line to keep the tradition alive. Let's hope the thing moves quickly and actually drops next summer.

Korean model Song Joo Kyung

Extra Tidbit: THE HOST 2 or PACIFIC RIM?
Source: Twitch



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