New images from Hannibal ep. 2x02 'Sakizuki', starring Mads Mikkelsen

We're halfway through the work week which also means we've almost made it to Friday, and if you're a fan of NBC's "Hannibal" that means we're closing in on the second episode of the new season. Today we have a handful of new images from that episode, titled 'Sakizuki', and we couldn't be more excited for it! Personally, I've found "Hannibal" to be one of the most exciting shows on network television with some of the best writing and acting (not to mention the envelope-pushing gore) in the medium.

Check out the new images below, and get ready to dine with "Hannibal" Friday night on NBC.

"Hannibal" ep. 2x02 'Sakizuki'

The case of the human soup becomes clearer when a victim that has escaped from the killer’s clutches washes downstream after a deadly fall, leaving valuable evidence for the BAU team to uncover. Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) assists on the case, sniffing out clues of his own from of the victim’s body. Meanwhile, Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) begins a plan of manipulation from within the asylum, set on proving his own innocence. Hannibal is able to put the clues together before the BAU team, arriving at the killer’s silo and helping him to carry out his fascinating, yet deadly tableau… just not in the way the killer intended. Jack (Laurence Fishburne) tries to deal with his guilt over not protecting Will and submits to mandated therapy after Alana Bloom’s (Caroline Dhavernas) scathing report. To Jack’s surprise the counseling turns out to be beneficial. The BAU team independently arrives at the silo, finding a human tapestry of forty-seven bodies patched together, the killer hidden in plain sight. Awaiting his upcoming trial, Will is surprised by an unexpected guest - Bedelia du Maurier (Gillian Anderson) - who gives him a much-needed boost to his psyche. Also starring Hettienne Park and Aaron Abrams.

"Hannibal" airs on Friday nights at 10/9c on NBC.

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