New photo from Rob Zombie's 31 shows off Lew Temple as Psycho-Head

I've been a fan of Lew Temple's ever since I was first introduced to him in Rob Zombie's THE DEVIL'S REJECTS ten years ago (can you believe it's already been ten years?), but I have a feeling that when he shows up on screen in Zombie's latest movie, 31, he's going to be much less endearing than when he played Axel on THE WALKING DEAD.

Zombie posted a new image from 31 on his Facebook page that gives us a good look at Temple's character Psycho-Head, with the writer/director adding: 

Psycho-Head is a real mean piece of shit best described in his own words... "count yourself lucky you got f*cked by the best!"

Last week, Zombie shared a picture from the film showing Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs wielding a chainsaw. Psycho-Head has a chainsaw of his own, but you may note that this one does not have a chain on it. This is a fact that becomes very unnerving when you couple the above description with how many times Zombie replied to fans pointing out the chainsaw's lack of chain with "Maybe it's not a chainsaw" and his response of a simple "Maybe" to a fan who suggested that it's used as an anal probe. Don't do it, Lew!

Extra Tidbit: Are you a fan of Lew Temple?
Source: Facebook



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