New red-band Alien: Covenant trailer breakdown plus Shaw's dog-tags

The new re-band trailer for Ridley Scott's return to xenomorph action ALIEN: COVENANT was released today, and while the the new trailer doesn't really offer much in the way of new footage (see below), I thought, all the same, I'd share it for you guys.

But there was something really interesting I noticed in the new trailers... But I'll get into that also below... First let's look at the three differences I noticed within the new red-band trailer. First, this shot was added:

And this one:

And in the new trailer, this girl yells, "Let me the f*ck out!" as opposed to the green-band trailer we saw earlier this week where she only yells, "Let me out!"

Huge differences, I know. But still, here is something you may have missed in the new trailers... As you saw, "new Ripley" Katherine Waterson finds a set of dog-tags hanging from what seems to be the inside of the derelict spaceship.

Upon closer inspection we find that these dog-tags belong to...

That's right, Elizabeth Shaw!

Elizabeth Shaw for those who may have forgotten, was the main character from PROMETHEUS, and was played by Noomi Rapace (see below). Now there have been reports that Shaw will be back in some form in the new ALIEN: COVENANT, and these tags seem to support the idea.

Might that above seen skinned-body be Shaw??? I don't mean to start a rumor but... you never know when it comes to Michael Fassbender aka David's sketchy-ass.

Anyways, you can check out the new red-band trailer below if a) you just want to re-watch the green-band trailer again, or b) you like to hear woman yell out the word "f*ck". Either way I can't blame you. Both are pretty sexy-- I mean, cool.

ALIEN: COVENANT hits us May 19th!

Extra Tidbit: How excited are you for ALIEN: COVENANT?



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