New zombie infested web series "Chronicles of the Dead" heading our way!

That's right ladies and gents. We seem to have another intriguing web-series heading our way and this one is knees-deep in the world of the undead. Can't beat that now can we?

The new series is titled "Chronicles of the Dead" and is coming at us courtesy of director Brian Hernandez and scribe Younger Robbins, both of whom star in the series along with Erin Cathcart, Justin Braun and Jenna Johnson (below). Peep the rundown:

Three friends are caught off guard by a zombie apocalypse and must do what they can to survive in this gruesome nightmare of a world.

Simple enough, right? You can go ahead and check out the teaser trailer for "Chronicles of the Dead" by scrolling on down below or heading over to our videos section. After that you can get more info on this little diddy by hitting up it's official website or Facebook.

"Chronicles of the Dead" (2012) - Web Series Trailer

Extra Tidbit: What are some other web-series' that are worth a look?



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