Oren Peli's "The River" floats to home video later this month

If you missed out on the Oren Peli and Steven Spielberg-produced ABC series "The River" this past winter (and judging by the ratings, a lot of you did), you'll have a chance to watch the entire thing on DVD/Blu-ray when it's released on MAY 22nd.

“The River: The Complete First Season” tells the tale of famed wildlife explorer and TV personality Dr. Emmet Cole who went looking for magic deep in the uncharted Amazon and never returned.

Now, six months after he vanished, a brave crew of family, old friends and new acquaintances embark on a mysterious and deadly journey to find him in the deepest and darkest depths of South America.

Details on the special features are sparse, though we do know that deleted scenes will be included. Once we have the lowdown, we'll let you know. Meanwhile, you can pre-order "The River" right HERE.

"The River's" Paulina Gaitan

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