Oscar nominee Octavia Spencer joins Bong Joon-ho's new thriller Snow Piercer

It's good to see Octavia Spencer get some awards season love this year, even if it's for a movie I've yet to see in THE HELP. The Oscar nominee (and frontrunner, seen right) has been grinding out roles since the mid-90s, and thanks to her powerful turn this year, her stock is about to soar. Case in point, Spencer has just been added to the cast of Bong Joon-ho's futuristic chiller SNOW PIERCER.

With John Hurt, Tilda Swinton (below), Jamie Bell, Kang Ho Song and Chris Evans also taking part:

Earth is completely frozen over as a new ice age hits…The world is covered in snow and ice. The only living people, the last survivors, are onboard a leviathan train speeding along the rail tracks endlessly. But they are fighting each other...

For survival, for dominance, they are locked into a gruesome fight to the death along a linear path inside the train. From the tail end carriage reminiscent of Auschwitz, to the gold class carriages at the front, full of decadent pleasures, our protagonists must penetrate deep into the dark secrets that shroud the train…

Spencer, who can next be seen in the Sundance hit SMASHED, will play a passenger on the train who joins the revolt in order to save her son.

SNOW PIERCER enters production next month.

Extra Tidbit: Spencer has over 90 screen credits dating back to 1996. Her first movie was A TIME TO KILL.
Source: THR
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