Patrick Rea's Nailbiter wraps shooting and prepares to be released next year!

And the award for indie/horror movie with long stretches of absent news goes to...not this but it is a contender. Back in 2008, Mike Catalano broke first word on Patrick Rea's upcoming horror show NAILBITER. A year later he reported that Rea had enough funding to commence filming. Now, yet another year later and I'm here to present you yet another tidbit for your reading pleasures. 

Dread Central writes that Rea has differently finished shooting and is now calling it a wrap. After much anticipation the project seemed to have found it's legs and is now being concluded with post-production and last minute efforts. It appears we are going to see this tense film after all.

Nailbiter tells the story of a mother and three daughters who get caught in a Kansas tornado and are forced to take shelter in a storm cellar. They become trapped and discover they are not alone. They must not only contend with a tornado, but attack by monsters with some strangely sharp incisors.

I must agree with Mike, who last wrote on this a little less than a year ago, that a concept involving women and monstrous beasts with pointy thingies in their mouths sounds quite awesome. Don't believe me? Check out the image below!

Erin McGrane, Meg Saricks, Sally Spurgeon, and Emily Boresow star with Patrick Rea directing the joint. The film is scripted by Kendal Sinn. It's an interesting thing to know that a project goes into development for nearly two years. Post Production is still underway as the cast and crew are anxiously hoping that its completion won't move pass April of next year. Good stuff guys? You tell us. 

Extra Tidbit: NAILBITER II is already being planned with another script on the way soon. Rea and Sinn have commented that it would begin right after this one leaves off.
Source: Dread Central



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