Peep a clip & poster for Big Screen Entertainment's desert romp Dead Stop

You guys ever hear about a desert genre romp heading our way called DEAD STOP? No? Well that's what I'm here for!

A press release was recently sent out courtesy of Big Screen Entertainment announcing their pick-up of foreign sales for DEAD STOP. To celebrate the announcement we not only got our hands on the poster for the flick, but the first clip as well! Natch!

You can peep the fairly generic poster for DEAD STOP to the right with the clip mentioned found directly below, or over in our videos section. Now I've got to be honest - these goods aren't really doing much for me. You might dig them though so get scrolling and find out!

"DEAD STOP" is about a group of teenagers who set out on a ski trip only to have their vacation thwarted when their van breaks down in the middle of the California desert. One by one, the teenagers mysteriously disappear. With limited water and food supplies, they must make a choice to stay in the van or take their chances going out into the desert to look for help.

Coming from director Jonas Stolpe, DEAD STOP stars Cathy Baron (below), Jon Briddell, Sarah Flannery, Devin Leigh and Nikki McKenzie. Big Screen Entertainment will be shopping this one out at next month's Cannes Festival so expect some updates soon.

DEAD STOP (2011) - Clip #1

Extra Tidbit: What is your all-time favorite desert-themed flick?



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