Peep Sara Paxton in the trailer, stills & art for supernatural thriller Enter Nowhere

We haven't heard much from Jack Heller's supernatural thriller ENTER NOWHERE since November. That's a bummer because the thing actually looked like it had some potential. You know what they say right? 'Good things come to those who wait.' And boy do they!

Alright, maybe that excitement was a little forced but what we do have for you guys today is worth a little bit of excitement! You see the guys over at Bloody-Disgusting not only scored a look at some new stills from the flick.. not only did they get a look at the poster... but they also have a trailer for ENTER NOWHERE! Talk about the whole she-bang eh?!

I've tossed one of the stills up above. You can go ahead and click through on that shite for a look at the rest. Below you'll find the cover art for ENTER NOWHERE as well as that trailer I mentioned. So have at it folks! Get scrolling and enjoy.

After having run out of gas, SAMANTHA, finds herself alone on the side of a desolate road, cradled in a foreboding forest. She musters the courage to look for her husband and amidst her search, discovers an isolated cabin at the bottom of a hill. She meets Tom, a young man who wrecked his Jeep in a ditch a few days earlier. Tom hurt his leg and has been taking shelter in the small cabin. A few days later they are once again surprised by another stranger JODY, who winds up on the cabin’s front porch. Frustrated, hungry and battling to keep warm, everything is turned on its side when they realize what they must do to escape the forest.

Starring Sara Paxton, Katherine Waterston, Scott Eastwood, Shaun Sipos, Christopher Denham, Leigh Lezark and Jesse Perez, ENTER NOWHERE is set to hit DVD on April 3rd courtesy of Lionsgate Home Entertainment and Grindstone Entertainment.

Extra Tidbit: Sara Paxton (above), who was just in SHARK NIGHT 3D and THE INNKEEPERS, will next be tackling the genre flick THE BRIAR LAKE MURDERS.



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