Peep this clip from Scooby-Doo like horror comedy Saturday Morning Massacre

It's not often we're treated to a clip upon introduction, but today that's certainly the case with the a horror-comedy SATURDAY MORNING MASSACRE. The movie, from director Spencer Parsons, has an apparent Scooby Doo vibe, so you know it's only to be taken partially seriously. Courtesy of IndieWire, peep the first flickers of the film below!

Scripted by Jory Balsimo, Aaron Leggett and Jonny Mars - SMM is:

A dark and bloody parody about a Scooby-Doo-like team of paranormal investigators and their devoted dog. With the crew nearing bankruptcy, they're hired to get to the bottom of a series of spooky events at the remote Kyser mansion, an old religious school plagued by rumors of satanism and ritualistic murder. They're experts at debunking ghost stories, so they get right to work, and despite the ominous signs that this isn't just another greedy land-developer or bitter landlord, they set up to stay the night. When the sun goes down, the truth comes out: this place might actually be haunted...by sadistic spirits or something much, much deadlier.

Sounds like a good time right? Peep the frames below and see if it looks as fun as it sounds. And if you happen to be in the L.A. area, the flick premieres at the upcoming Los Angeles Film Festival.

Extra Tidbit: You gotta favorite Scooby Doo episode?
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