Pet's Ksenia Solo to star in psychological thriller Sweet Harmony

Pet Ksenia Solo

About a year and a half ago, I got to review a great thriller called PET (I gave it an 8/10), about a disturbed fellow who captures his crush and keeps her locked up in a cage - only to find that she may be even crazier than he is. The caged girl was played by Ksenia Solo; it was my first time seeing this actress at work, and I was very impressed by her performance. So I was glad to hear that she will be returning to genre territory with the psychological thriller SWEET HARMONY, which is expected to start filming this summer in Winnipeg.

To be directed by Jeff Beesley from a screenplay by Kerry Douglas Dye, SWEET HARMONY is a secretive project, but it is known that the story takes place in 

a rent-controlled New York apartment building in a gentrifying neighborhood that has gone condo. Conflict arises between the newer upscale residents and one of the original tenants.

The film is being produced by Shane Snoke and Kevin Niu of Scary Good Films, with Lynwood Spinks and Casey Wolfe serving as executive producers.

In addition to PET, Solo's other credits include the Syfy series Lost Girl, six episodes of Orphan Black, and the upcoming Robert Zemeckis History series Project Blue Book. Regardless of what SWEET HARMONY is about, just the fact that it's a thriller starring Solo is enough to get me interested in seeing it.

Extra Tidbit: How does SWEET HARMONY sound to you?
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