Play the game with the trailer for Mark Lawson's Peek-A-Boo

ONE LIFE TO LIVE star Mark Lawson has made his directorial debut with the short horror film PEEK-A-BOO, which is set to make its world premiere as part of the Shorts Program at the Shriekfest Horror Film Festival on Sunday, October 4th. Judging by the trailer, which can be seen below, it's going to be a fun one to watch.

Lawson also wrote and stars in PEEK-A-BOO, which is a 

dark fairytale about a frazzled stay at home dad, his frolicsome daughter, and the childish game he refuses to play.

Josie Miller and Sandra Chavarria co-star. The short was produced by John F. Estrada and Victor A. Haddox.

Lawson had this to say about the project, the genre, and the honor of being accepted into Shriekfest:

"I've always been a horror nut. As a kid I would write, produce, and direct haunts for Halloween. That was the closest I'd come to directing a film. So I was really nervous, but I had a great producer who just kept reminding me 'it's a haunted house.' We got through it and now I don't want to stop. 

"I'm really grateful we got into Shriekfest. This film is very personal and took a big leap of faith -- and  not just from me. So to get into a fest like this, highlighting and promoting indie genre filmmakers... that's a big shot in the arm. It's where I want to be!"

Lawson is currently writing the screenplay for a dark thriller feature that he plans on directing and starring in, something that will give him a chance to "go a little weird".

This year's Shriekfest will be held in Los Angeles from October 1st through the 4th.


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