Production on sexy psychological thriller Backgammon begins

Before you panic, worry not: this isn't another film adaptation of a board game.

This BACKGAMMON is a sexual indie thriller based on the original cult novella "Bloody Baudelaire" by R.B.Russell. It's the first narrative feature from Fischer Productions, whose credits include “Shark Wranglers," “Shark Men” which currently airs on the National Geographic Channel, and “Wanna Go Fishing” airing on the Outdoor Channel. I'm not familiar with any of these programs, but perhaps you are.

Directed by Francisco Orvañanos , BACKGAMMON stars Noah Silver (“The Borgias”), Brittany Allen (THE ROCKER, “All My Children”) Alex Beh (SUGAR, “CSI: Miami”), Olivia Crocicchia (TERRI, “Rescue Me”) and Christian Alexander (“The Lying Game”, “General Hospital”).

The twisty plot: On the way back to Yale after winter break, Lucian (Silver), his girlfriend (Crocicchia) and his roommate Andrew (Alexander) spend a weekend at Andrew’s family's gothic mansion off the coast of Maine. The mansion's two permanent inhabitants—Andrew’s beautiful and seductive older sister Miranda (Allen) and her boyfriend Gerald (Beh) eventually drive everyone away with their antics, except for Lucian. During an evening of alcohol-fueled poker, Miranda throws Gerald out of the house, leaving her alone in the mansion with Lucian when an undeniable attraction blooms. But the question of Gerald haunts them. Lucian can't ignore signs of his lurking presence--open doors, broken windows, and altered paintings. Gerald is playing a new game now, and Lucian must unravel the mystery if he ever hopes to truly "win" Miranda.

Production just commenced today in Maine; we'll keep you updated on this one's progress.

Brittany Allen

Extra Tidbit: Yes, that's Lindsay Lohan's rack playing backgammon in the top image.
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