R-rated stop motion flick Hell & Back drags Susan Sarandon into the underworld

How, when she's so damn heavenly?!

HELL & BACK, ShadowMachine's R-rated stop-motion horror comedy, has just recruited the always impressive and equally lovely Susan Sarandon (pictured) to lend voice work to the picture. She'll do so along with Nick Swardson, T.J. Miller, Mila Kunis, Bob Odenkirk, Brian Posehn, Kumail Nanjiani and Rob Riggle, as well as newly added funny gals Jennifer Coolidge and Maria Bamford.

Being directed by Tommy Gianas and Ross Shuman:

The story revolves around two best friends who must rescue their buddy when he's accidentally dragged to hell. Odenkirk will play the Devil, who’s been running Hell since before time began, and it’s starting to get on his nerves.

A good time all around, ay? I now feel impelled to encourage y'all to check out Sarandon in JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME, which thankfully gave the Oscar winning actress a role worthy of her talent. Chick's in her sixties and still rocking that shite!

Extra Tidbit: Favorite Sarandon performance?
Source: Deadline



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