Raven Banner to help serve up Crabs!

The Frontieres International Work-In-Progress Market features projects that are in post-production and seeking partners to help out in areas like post-production services and sales. The most recent edition of the market featured a film from writer/director Pierce Berolzheimer entitled CRABS!

Produced by Berolzheimer, Noah Lang, and Evan Buxbaum, CRABS! is "a love letter to practical effects and old school monster movies" that tells the following story:

Mutated by nuclear runoff in the wake of the Fukushima disaster, a horde of murderous horseshoe crabs descend on the sleepy town of Mendocino, CA

The CRABS! makers were looking for "sales and finance partners, online post production partners, polish editor and related finishing services for an early 2016 premiere". They now have what they were looking for thanks to Raven Banner Entertainment, who have acquired the worldwide rights and come on board as executive producers.

I'm very glad CRABS! found the help it was looking for, because a movie about mutant horseshoe crabs with a tone that producer Noah Lang has described as being similar to GREMLINS and THE LOST BOYS definitely sounds like something I need to see.

Extra Tidbit: Does CRABS! sound good to you?



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